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One And Ones

We can utilize 'one' rather than rehashing a solitary countable thing when it is obvious from the setting what we are discussing:

Model: 'Would i be able to get you a beverage?' 'It's alright, I've just got one (= a beverage).'

Model: 'Is this your umbrella?' 'No, mine' s the huge blue one (= umbrella).'

'Ones' can be utilized as opposed to rehashing a plural thing:

Model: I think his best sonnets are his mid ones (= sonnets).

Model: People who smoke aren't the main ones (= individuals) influenced by lung disease.

We don't utilize one/ones rather than an uncountable thing:

Model: If you need any more paper, I'll present to you a few (not... one/ones.)

Model: I requested that he get squeezed apple, yet he got orange (not... orange one/ones.)

Notice that we can't utilize ones without extra data (e.g.small ones,ones with blue bands). Rather, we utilize a few. Look at:

Example(1): We need new shades. OK, we should purchase green ones this time./... ones with blossoms on.

Example(2): We need new window ornaments. Alright, how about we get some ( not... how about we purchase ones.)

We don't utilize one/ones:after a - rather we forget about a:

Model: Have we got any lemons? I need one for a feast I'm cooking ( not... need a one... )

We don't utilize one/ones:after things utilized as descriptive words:

Model: I thought I'd put the keys in my pant pocket, however in reality they were in my coat pocket (not... my coat one.)

Rather than utilizing one/one after close to home pronouns (my, your, her, and so on.) we lean toward mine, yours, hers and so forth. Be that as it may, an individual pronoun + one/ones is frequently heard in formal discourse:

Model: I'd truly like a watch like yours (or '... like your one.' in formal discourse)

We can forget about one/ones: after which:

Model: When we purchase medications, we have no chance to get of knowing which (ones) contain sugar.

We can forget about one/ones: after superlatives:

Model: Look at that pumpkin! It's the greatest (one) I've seen for this present year.

Model: If you purchase another vehicle, recall that the most prudent (ones) are frequently the littlest.

After this, that, these and those:

Model: The last test I did was very simple, yet a few pieces of this (one) are extremely troublesome.

Model: Help yourself to grapes. These (ones) are the best, however those (ones) taste best.

After either, not one or the other, another, each,the first/second/last, and so forth (the structures without one/ones and progressively formal):

Model: Karl highlighted the works of art and said I could take possibly (one) (or... both of them).

Model: She cleaned up the cups, washed every (one) altogether, and put them on the rack.

We don't forget about one/ones: after the, the main, the principle, and each:

Model: When you cook mollusks you shouldn't eat the ones that don't open.

Model: After I got the glasses home, I found that each one was broken.

After descriptive words:

Model: My shoes were awkward to the point that I needed to go out today and get some new ones.

Be that as it may, after shading modifiers we can frequently forget about one/ones in answers:

Model: 'Have you chosen which jumper to purchase?' 'Truly, I think I'll take the blue (one).'

I trust this article will give some information about the utilization of one and ones. And furthermore I trust understudies can examine the use of dialects by subbing one/ones in their every day discourse.

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